What You Need to Know About Book PR

What You Need to Know About Book PR

The more you know about the essential role of publicity (media coverage) in book marketing campaigns, the better you’ll do as an author. Promoting your work successfully takes time and planning. Given the competition in bookselling today, you need to do everything you can to get the word out. You can be sure your competitors are doing the same, and the savvier and better prepared you are, the more chance you have of succeeding. Media coverage is a way for you and your book to earn stature in the eyes of target readers. The more mentions and attention you receive, the more people learn about you.

Press outreach is both art and science; most well-known books have professional marketing support. Book publicists understand the media and know how to craft compelling pitches that help authors earn coverage. It can be mentioned in articles or interviews on TV and prominent news websites. The internet has added new dimensions and opportunities in book PR, most notably through blogs and podcasts. Both continue to grow and attract ever larger audiences. Selecting them strategically and going after coverage can be an excellent way to reach your target readers with news.

In book marketing, “discoverability” is a crucial term to understand. It refers to the ways in which people can hear about your book. Publicity through the media and carefully selected online outlets is one of the best ways, along with social media, yours, and likes/shares/mentions from others. If you post to your own social media, it can be a potent promotion if you’re already influential and have a large following. But it stays within the set of people who already know about you except for the shares and likes you receive. When you receive media coverage, it introduces you to entirely new audiences with potential.

There’s also another megatrend to learn, and that’s niche marketing. As mass media have seen their audiences vastly eroded, smaller niche outlets have picked up the eyes and ears they’ve lost. Today, when you plan a book marketing campaign, it may be based on a collection of media and online outlets with smaller audiences. But the good news is those niche audiences may be more interested in your topic. Therefore, they are likelier to be book buyers if your topic aligns with their interests. It makes marketing more than ever about audience targeting. When you get it right, you’ll find success.

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