What do serviced apartments include?

What do serviced apartments include?

Serviced apartments are a type of furnished apartment that provides hotel-like amenities and services. They are a popular choice for business travelers and long-term visitors, as they offer more space and privacy than a hotel room.

Serviced apartments typically include the following:

  • Fully furnished accommodation, including a kitchen, living area, bedroom, and bathroom.
  • Hotel-like amenities, such as a 24-hour reception, housekeeping, and laundry service.
  • Business facilities, such as a business center and meeting rooms.
  • Recreational facilities, such as a swimming pool, gym, and sauna.
  • Additional services, such as grocery delivery, car hire, and airport transfers.

What are the benefits of staying in a serviced apartment?




There are many benefits to staying in a serviced apartment, including:

  • More space and privacy than a hotel room.
  • A more home-like atmosphere.
  • More flexibility than a hotel stay.
  • The ability to cook your own meals.
  • Access to hotel-like amenities and services.

What are some of the best serviced apartments in Gurgaon?

There are many great service apartments Gurgaon, but some of the best include:

  • The Oberoi Serviced Apartments
  • The Leela Serviced Apartments
  • The Trident Serviced Apartments
  • The DLF Serviced Apartments
  • The ITC Serviced Apartments

How much do serviced apartments cost in Gurgaon?

The cost of serviced apartments in Gurgaon varies depending on the size and location of the apartment, as well as the amenities and services that are included. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from ₹2,000 to ₹10,000 per night.




How can I book a serviced apartment in Gurgaon?

You can book a serviced apartment in Gurgaon online or by contacting the apartment directly. Some of the most popular online booking websites include Airbnb, Booking.com, and Expedia.


What is the difference between a serviced apartment and a hotel?

The main difference between a serviced apartment and a hotel is that serviced apartments offer more space and privacy, as well as the ability to cook your own meals. Additionally, serviced apartments typically have a more home-like atmosphere than hotels.


Are serviced apartments a good option for business travelers?




Yes, serviced apartments are a great option for business travelers, as they offer the space, privacy, and amenities that business travelers need. Additionally, serviced apartments are often located in close proximity to business centers.

Are serviced apartments a good option for long-term visitors?

Yes, serviced apartments are also a good option for long-term visitors, as they offer the comforts of home and the convenience of hotel-like amenities. Additionally, serviced apartments can be more cost-effective than hotels for long-term stays.

What should I look for when choosing a serviced apartment?

When choosing a serviced apartment, you should consider the following factors:


Size and layout




Amenities and services



What are the typical lease terms for service apartments?

Lease terms can vary, but most offer flexibility with daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly options.

Can I cook in a service apartment?

Absolutely! Most come with fully equipped kitchens where you can whip up your culinary masterpieces.

Do service apartments offer airport transfers?

Some do, while others might offer tie-ups with taxi services. Check with the apartment directly.

Are pets allowed in service apartments?

Pet policies vary. Some apartments welcome furry friends, while others might have restrictions.

Now, go forth and find your perfect Gurugram service apartment! May your stay be comfortable, convenient, and full of unforgettable memories. Happy travels!


Q: Is it cheaper to stay in a service apartment than a hotel?


A: It depends on the specific apartment and hotel you’re comparing, but in general, service apartments can be more affordable, especially on longer stays. You save on laundry bills, restaurant splurges, and room service charges. Plus, splitting the cost with travel companions can make it even more budget-friendly.

Q: Do service apartments provide towels and linen?

A: Yes, reputable service apartments will provide fresh towels and linen, just like a hotel. They will also handle laundry services in most cases.

Q: What kind of amenities can I expect in a service apartment?

A: Amenities vary between different apartments, but many offer amenities like:

Swimming pools: Cool off and relax after a long day exploring Gurgaon.

Gyms: Stay on top of your fitness routine even while you’re traveling.

Rooftop terraces: Soak up the city views and enjoy the fresh air.

Game rooms: Challenge your friends to a foosball or pool game.

High-speed internet: Stay connected and work from anywhere.

24/7 security: Feel safe and secure with CCTV cameras and controlled access.

Q: Can I park my car at a service apartment?

A: Most service apartments offer secure parking for your car. Be sure to inquire about parking availability and any associated fees.

Q: What is the cancellation policy for service apartments?

A: Cancellation policies will vary depending on the apartment. Be sure to read the cancellation policy carefully before booking your stay.

Q: How can I find the best deals on service apartments in Gurgaon?

A: There are a few things you can do to find the best deals:

Book in advance: Popular apartments can book up quickly, so it’s best to book your stay in advance, especially during peak season.

Consider staying outside of the city center: Apartments located in quieter areas may be more affordable.

Look for discounts and promotions: Many service apartments offer discounts for longer stays or special promotions throughout the year.

Compare prices online: There are a number of websites that allow you to compare prices of service apartments in Gurgaon.

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