The Udyam Portal for International Trade and Exporters

The Udyam Portal for International Trade and Exporters

The Udyam Portal for Exporters and International Trade is a digital platform designed to facilitate and promote international trade activities for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India. It seeks to facilitate documentation, streamline the export and import processes, and offer a range of services to help companies that are involved in global trade. The Udyam Portal for Exporters and International Trade has the following important components and features:

Udyam Registration

MSMEs can register on the Udyam Portal to avail of various benefits and services related to international trade.

Export Promotion

The portal offers information and resources to promote and expand exports from Indian MSMEs.

Import Assistance

It provides assistance to MSMEs looking to import goods, including information on tariffs, duties, and regulations.

Trade Finance

The portal may offer guidance and resources on trade finance options, such as export financing and credit facilities.

Market Research

MSMEs can access market research and analysis to identify potential export opportunities.

Export Documentation

The portal may offer guidance and templates for export documentation, including invoices, shipping documents, and certificates of origin.

Export Incentives

Information about various government incentives, schemes, and subsidies to encourage exports is available on the portal.

Customs Clearance

Resources and information related to customs clearance procedures, including import-export codes and compliance with customs regulations.

Logistics and Shipping

Assistance in selecting logistics and shipping partners and optimizing the supply chain for international trade.

Trade Events

Information about trade fairs, exhibitions, and networking events to help MSMEs expand their international trade connections.

Export Compliance

Guidance on compliance with international trade regulations, including export control, sanctions, and quality standards.

Export-Import Data

Access to databases and information related to global trade statistics and trends.


Training and Workshops

The portal may offer online courses and workshops on international trade practices and procedures.

Government Initiatives

Updates on government policies and initiatives that impact international trade for MSMEs.

Export Assistance Cells

Contact information for government agencies and export promotion councils that can provide support and guidance.

FAQs and Help Center

Frequently asked questions and a help center to address common queries and issues.

User Registration and Profile Management

Facilities for MSMEs to create and manage their profiles, track export-import transactions, and update their information.

Feedback and Grievance Redressal

A mechanism for users to provide feedback or report issues with the portal’s services.

Resource Center

A repository of documents, guides, and templates related to international trade.

Legal and Regulatory Updates

Notifications and updates regarding changes in export-import laws and regulations.

Trade Agreements and Tariffs

Information on trade agreements and tariff structures for different countries and regions, helping MSMEs understand the preferential trade terms available.

Export Finance and Insurance

Guidance on export credit insurance, export financing options, and risk mitigation strategies for international trade.

E-commerce and Global Marketplaces

Support and information on leveraging e-commerce platforms and global marketplaces for international sales.

Digital Trade Documentation

Features for the electronic submission of export-import documents, reducing paperwork and simplifying trade procedures.

MSME Exporter Directory

Inclusion in a directory of registered MSME exporters, facilitating networking and B2B connections.

Market Access Initiatives

Updates on government initiatives aimed at providing MSMEs with better access to international markets.

Sector-Specific Export Support

Tailored guidance and resources for specific sectors, such as agriculture, manufacturing, services, and technology.

Export Subsidy Schemes

Information on government subsidies and incentives to promote exports in various industries.

Cross-border Trade Regulations

Updates on international trade regulations, including WTO agreements and regional trade pacts.

International Trade Workshops and Seminars

Notifications of upcoming workshops, webinars, and seminars on international trade practices.

Digital Signature Integration

The option for secure digital signatures on export-import documents for authentication and compliance.

Compliance Checklists

Step-by-step checklists to ensure MSMEs meet all regulatory and compliance requirements for international trade.

Export Marketing Tools

Resources and guidance on marketing strategies and tools to reach international customers effectively.

Trade Facilitation Cell

Information on government-established facilitation cells to assist MSMEs in resolving trade-related issues.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Support

Information on protecting intellectual property when exporting products or services.

Export Subsidy Calculators

Tools to help MSMEs calculate potential export incentives and subsidies based on their trade activities.

Currency Exchange and Forex Services

Information on foreign exchange services and managing currency risks in international transactions.

Sustainability and Green Trade Initiatives

Updates on environmentally friendly trade practices and incentives for sustainable exports.

Export Success Stories

Real-life case studies and success stories of MSMEs that have excelled in international trade.

Export Assistance Hotline

A dedicated helpline or chat support for immediate assistance with export-import queries.

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The goal of the Udyam Portal for Exporters and International Trade is to serve as a comprehensive resource for Indian MSMEs, providing them with the information, resources, and assistance they require to thrive in the global marketplace. It is intended to make exporting easier for MSMEs and to simplify the complexity of doing business internationally.

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