How do I migrate from on premise Exchange to Office 365?

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a cloud-based platform that allows users to work from a remote location globally. At present, the Exchange to Office 365 migration task is at the top in small and large organizations. Adopting the Office 365 service for business work has various benefits. Users can access their data from anywhere at any location with ease. Moreover, users will get various other features with Office 365, which will help them make their work easier.

Office 365 offers various productive services, including Outlook, Skype, MS Word and many more. These applications users can use to work more reliably and smoothly. This guide will share a few methods to effectively complete the Exchange migration task. Let us start with a brief description of the solutions to do this task.

Techniques for the Exchange migration to MS Office 365

Users have different methods to solve this migration task. First is the manual method, where users will get various manual tricks to perform the Exchange to Office 365 migration process. However, another is the professional method to complete this task. In the professional method, we will use third-party software to move the Exchange mailboxes to Office 365. If we talk about the manual method, there are a lot of limitations of the manual method to complete the Exchange migration task.

Moreover, users have to wait for a long time to complete this process. Users require good technical knowledge to understand how to use the manual method to complete this migration task. Users can’t perform the migration of selective items from the Exchange mailboxes to Office 365. So, it would be best for users to avoid the manual method and choose the third-party software to do this task.

A professional tool to migrate from Exchange to Office 365

The best and most secure way to easily avoid the manual method’s difficulties while migrating is the Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool. Users can easily process large and multiple mailboxes at a time without facing any issues. Moreover, the folder hierarchy and data integrity will remain the same after completing the migration task. Users can even select particular items from the Exchange mailbox to migrate into the Office 365 mailboxes.

This software gives various options to choose the desired items from the mailbox, like date, item type and folder-wise criteria. Users can schedule the migration job regularly, including daily, weekly or monthly. This software also allows users to perform the Exchange to Exchange migration task without complicating the task. Its interface is simple, so users can easily use this software without getting any technical expertise.

Closing Words

This guide taught us a reliable and secure solution that is far better than manual methods. Moreover, users can complete this task in the blink of an eye with the help of the Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool. Users can also move the bulk mailboxes from their Exchange account to Office 365. This tool also has a free trial version, which users can use to explore other features and stepwise working procedures.

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