5 Breathtaking Indian Rivers Where Everyone Must Pay Their Visit

5 Breathtaking Indian Rivers Where Everyone Must Pay Their Visit

From snow-capped mountains to blissful beaches, India is filled with beautiful places that can inspire anyone! The sparkling water that flows over the mountains or in the valley makes us see something that makes us feel really good. When this wonderful combination witnesses the beauty of nature, it creates a rare, calm and beautiful appeal that will make you fall in love with its beauty and aura. Today we have presented the list of breathtaking Indian rivers where everyone must pay their visit. You can enjoy the best moments in your life as soon as you arrive to these beautiful rivers.

Breathtaking Indian Rivers

Brahmputra River

Indian rivers are mainly famous for female names but the Brahmputra River is only exception because this river is considered the only masculine river in the country. The river originates from Mount Kailash and flows through Assam and Brahmputra River holds the record of being the largest river in the world. The river represents the son of Brahma, the creator and is the helping hand of the people living in North East India. Guhawati is the best place to enjoy the beautiful view of this river.

Teesta River

The Teesta River flows through West Bengal and Sikkim, and flows through Bangladesh into the Bay of Bengal. With a vast coverage of about 309 km, Teesta is one of the major rivers of Sikkim and is important in providing life to the people. You can also camp at Triveni along this river.

Chambal River

Without the existence of pollution, this beach can be a feast for your eyes while the waves of the water can be a pleasure for your ears. The sparkling pristine clear water and the plethora of floras in the surroundings will relieve your mind completely. You will also see crocodiles, gangetic dolphins, and various species of birds and turtles. Bateshwar Temple, Bah is the best place to visit to see the beauty of Chambal River.

Mandovi River

Goa is mainly popular for its beaches and parties, but after knowing about Mandovi River, you will blow your whole senses! The beautiful waters of the Mandovi River flowing into Zuari Bay and into the Arabian Sea are a sight to behold and one of the best sights to see.

Umangot River

Umngot River is a beautiful sight that you have never seen. Flowing from the hills of Khasi and Jaintia, this river offers chilled crystal clear water to open a literal paradise before the eyes. The British period bridge over the river is the main specialty here. Sailing on the bright water will make you go faster. Apart from boating, you can also enjoy free walking and amazing views on the bridge and enjoy the beautiful fish market. Plan a trip to Mawlynong, Shillong to share the best views of this river.

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